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Royal Commission Support Service
The Royal Commission to investigate Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse begins its first public hearing in Western Australia next Monday... More
Andrew King
Fathers have a significant and long-lasting impact on the lives and development of their children, which is why it’s important to engage them in parenting intervention...
change and loss
Our change and loss workshop is aimed at helping individuals develop skills to minimise any impact it might have on their lives... More
Neighbour Day
Studies have shown social isolation increases the risks for early death, which is why Neighbour Day aims to strengthen communities and build better relationships with the people who live around us... More
Inside Exhibition
This historic exhibition opened in WA last Friday, giving a voice to the Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants who experienced institutional 'care' as children... More
Early bird registrations are open for this conference, focusing on how we as individuals and organisations can make a difference our community, government and society... More
FIFO Family
Research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies found that FIFO work doesn't definitively contribute to higher rates of family breakdowns, but parenting can be a challenge for these families... More
couple on beach
Relationships Australia is running a one night seminar on Mindfulness that will help participants discover how to enhance their close relationships... More
WA Family Pathways Network 2014 Conference
The WA Family Pathways Network is calling for registrations for their 2014 Annual Conference, 'Below the Tip of the Iceburg', which is scheduled to be held on May 14... More